Written Testimonials

You made the entire procedure a FUN experience!

Ed G

The two things I remember most about my dental implants are how fast and painless the procedure was, and how completely normal I felt the next morning. Now that the crown has been attached to my implant, it feels like my original tooth.


Implants are the best thing I have ever done. I’m so glad my dentist told me about them. For the first time in 40 years, I am able to eat steak and apples.


About seven years ago I read an article on dental implants. I have worn dentures for many years, so I was delighted to hear of something that would make them more stable. It has done just that and more. With implants, I can eat food I found difficult to eat before. They are easy to care for and help prevent bone loss, which is important to me.


I have had dental implants for about six years. I had no trouble adjusting to them. My dentures no longer move around, and that helps me to speak more clearly. I have more confidence when I am talking face to face or on the phone. No longer do I get sore spots, and I have had no further bone loss. I can also eat what I want, and I chew much better. I can’t begin to express my pleasure with them. They are great!


I ate corn on the cob again for the first time in eight years. When somebody asks me which teeth are mine, I have to think about it. They feel wonderfully natural and look beautiful. I have had no problems and love my new teeth. Thank heaven for this procedure. My grandparents had false teeth; I’m very grateful that I didn’t have to do that.


It’s been a pleasure 🙂 , from the consultation to post surgery. The staff is extremely friendly and straight forward, talking you through the process. I felt at ease. I enjoyed being treated by such a great group of professionals. Would I trust them again with another surgery or recommend them to loved one? Definitely!

Patty G.

I’m a fairly new patience at Santa Clara Dental Excellence but i’m so impressed with the staff & the Dentist. Iv’e decided to stay on as a patience here. When you receive good treatment you don’t mind traveling a longer distant to get there.

Don T

I was looking for a second opinion on very complex treatment plan. Doctors at Santa Clara Dental Excellence performed 4 hr compleat evaluation with full set of ex-rays at no cost vs. my prior dentist from Northern Dental (who was charging me 50.00 just for saying “Hello”). I was very impressed by transparency and fundamental analysis of my exam, I signed on for my treatment plan right way. I had very complex surgery, I was very pleased how carrying everybody acted during and after my surgery. I can’t wish a better customer service and TLC from healthcare provider. I was looking for “family office like” provider for a very long time…

This office offering life time warranty on implants which is extremely rare, plus the cost almost 30% less than my prior dentist.

My prior dentist at Northern Dental has no warranty or reinsurance for quality of work (his prior 15k job only lasted for 5 yr and did more damage).

The life time warranty is so important!

I definitely recommend Santa Clara Dental Excellence if you would like to receive personalize service, warranty and high quality of treatment at very reasonable cost, if you would like to know everybody by name and they will know you.

I would like to say: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking care my very complex treatment!

Irene Allen.

Found Santa Clara Dental Excellence through a coupon in the mail. Very glad i did. Dr. Zahedi is the Best. Very nice and really knows what he’s talking about. Goes through the whole procedure of the dental implant with you. I would say to anyone wanting or needing a Dental implant, he’s your Guy 🙂 Also had my teeth cleaned by Dr. Lily Sahabi, she is very good and does a great job.

All in all I would say the whole staff are Awesome and they make you feel welcomed.

Again, if you are thinking of Implants, Dr. Zahedi is the BEST!!!!

Robin B

When you enter the door, you are warmly invited and feel instantly welcome. The staff are very friendly and professional. The dentists help you to really understand ways to improve the care of your teeth and also use the newest tecnologies available to treat your smile. I would recommend this dental office to anyone because of their superior service and quality care!

Cindy T

Tell the Professor Thanks,..

Charles for all the work you did in surgery,..
I had almost no PAIN or DISCOMFORT
this AM when I woke up,…
And the day has gone by pretty well… No PAIN, very little swelling ,..
Great Job Charles,..

and you staff too,
especially the two most beautiful dentist in the world…
Dr. Lilly and Dr. Albina

PJ Valadez

I definitely recommend this office!

I’m the type that hates the dentist, and would put it off as long as possible, but I was having a lot of pain and couldn’t do that anymore. The staff was extremely friendly. I let them know my concerns, and the pain I had been having and they were thorough in explaining the procedure and made me feel great! Everything went smoothly and I’m glad I finally found an office I trust and can come back to!

Amy A